Coachella 2015 Lineup Analysis

Coachella 2015 Lineup Analysis

If a huge crime were to have been committed on January 6th, 2015 around 10am, a huge chunk of the population ranging from ages 16 to 30 will have an alibi — the Coachella lineup was released, and they were all on their phones either saying, “OMG DRAKE” or “…Drake..?” Every year, the lineup is up in the air and can be inconsistent in their delivery. The one consistent thing that we can count on is the minute the lineup is released everyone turns into the biggest music connoisseur. My bad.

With that in mind, here’s a post of what I would actually pay for, and my “meh” *shrug* picks of the lineup — Coachella 2015 Lineup Analysis. Just know that I’m neither a die hard music groupie who would throw herself at a certain artist or DJ, nor am I a person who sees all the Coachella posts and scoffs and makes a comment saying that I’d rather go to Governor’s Ball. So take all of that into consideration, and let’s move on.

Brand New

Alright, middle school/high school me got all sorts of excited when seeing Brand New on the flyer. Those were the days when I would listen to my older sister’s music and think I was much cooler than my friends listening to the radio because like, alternative music was so cool. From “Mixtape” to “Sic Transit Gloria” to “The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot”, younger me is fangirling on the inside. This is a different type of fangirl though — this is not the “Ok Steve Aoki, you can cake my face because it’ll be a story to tell/cool for Instagram” type of fangirl, but rather the “8th grade me would be so happy and at peace” type of fangirl. My MySpace music player would appreciate this. My Xanga would appreciate this. My side bangs and little scene/emo girl would appreciate this ever so much.

The Weeknd

(I’m going to put remixes because I can)

Don’t you hate those people who are like, “I listened to them before they were mainstream and hype and cool, ugh”? Ok well I’m not going to say that explicitly, but I mean, I’m pretty sure I discovered The Weeknd before anyone else did. And if you listened to them from the beginning, we can all agree that House of Balloons was the best out of the trilogy. Don’t fight me on it. Anyway, we can all agree that if and when they play “Wicked Games”, everything will get like 200 times sexier, so be careful.


If you were to ask who Odesza was maybe a year or two ago, most people probably would have no idea who or what you are even saying. Odesza has decided to make the right moves and the right music and gain fans and exposure alike, having performed at The Do Lab last year at Coachella and successfully touring from then on. Good for you Odesza, I will definitely Say your Name. Oh remember, it gets awfully hot at Coachella, so make sure you wear sunscreen or else you may become a Sun Model.


Like Odesza, Kygo has made moves and made his way to Coachella, and it pleases me when artists that I’m listening to on SoundCloud make their way from the Cloud to Chella. It’s like the equivalent of seeing a little kid in school who doesn’t have a tutor get the highest score in class, rather than the bratty kid who has a private tutor that does his homework done for him (am I saying that mainstream artists are these spoiled kids? Nah…). Please enjoy this hour long mix of Kygo on BBC’s Diplo & Friends. Also, please imagine a small child asking his parents really quickly if he can go somewhere: “CAN I GO? CA I GO? CAI GO?!” Kygo. You’re welcome.


Floss is strictly to fulfill my twerking needs. Floss prevents cavities but will still be a sweet time, and I hope he will gingivitis… to have a great time at Chella. That’s all.

Ryan Hemsworth

I hadn’t really heard Ryan Hemsworth before, until I stumbled upon this hour long mix, and from there, I vowed to find him. Coachella may actually make this (Hems)worth it with this artist.

Lykki Li

Girl seriously where have you been. Are you going to bring out Drake for this song? I’m only a Little Bit excited. But I’ll for sure be down to Dance, Dance, Dance.

Duke Dumont

Here’s a short anecdote. So Hard Day of the Dead and Escape overlapped in 2014, and the lineups were both excellent. We decided to go to Escape, because everyone was 200% excited for Duke. However, when we got there, while Duke was playing, maybe like one or two people in the whole group realized it was Duke and that it was amazing. So in conclusion, I needed them 100 and I got maybe like 32. Sigh. Nevertheless, Duke Dumont provided an excellent performance, and I Du(mont) think it’s a good idea to catch him!

Chris Malinchak

The first Majestic Casual playlist I ever downloaded had “So Good To Me” on it, and to this day, even hearing the song makes me think of a simpler time… aka 2012/2013.

Bixel Boys

I’m a fan of Golden Features, so when I first stumbled upon this track, I knew Bixel Boys could throw it down. Will they own up to the Coachella stage and become Bixel Men? Find out.

Alesso, DJ Snake, Porter Robinson, What So Not, Cashmere Cat.

(I didn’t know which artist to feature so I went with a classic.)

I’m grouping these artists together because I saw a few of them a few weeks ago, and you can catch most of these at a single day event. They’re all great and amazing live, though sometimes inconsistent (DJ Snake I was tryna Get Low and find a Bird Machine at Countdown but y u not play dirtier trap), and the point is that you can usually find these at one day festivals. Though they’re mostly on Saturday, they’re all spread out, and I think I would rather spend money on a HARD or Insomniac event if these were the only people I would be interested in at Coachella.


Yes, ChampagnePapi will be there, yes AC/DC will hopefully deliver a performance that will leave me Thunderstruck, and Jack White dabbles in so many different genres so who knows what we will get. Coachella is always a great time and this year will be no excpetion. I would give honorable mentions to all of the other artists, but I won’t. Why?

You know those people who post the Coachella lineup on FB and then list off every artist they’re excited to see, and though it may seem excessive and they might just know one song by the artist, they do it anyway because they want to make sure that people KNOW that THEY KNOW MUSIC AND THEY LISTENED TO THEM BEFORE THEY WERE COOL? I know you know what friend I’m talking about.


Anyhow, Coachella is a something you should try and go to at least once! The temperatures are unpredictable, ranging anywhere from 120-50 degrees. The terrain can be grassy,  dirty, or even muddy if the weather gods choose to rain on your parade. The fashion is cliche, yet somehow you’ll find yourself ticking random rhinestones on your face — ladies, where the crop tops and high waisted shorts at? It’s something you know a lot about, but something you need to experience personally. With that said, good luck on finding tickets and start working on those flower crowns!

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