‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…except all the elves in Santa’s Twerkshop turning up.

Every year, we all come across one or two electronic Christmas remixed songs and think to ourselves, “Self, this is really stupid, but also pretty dope.” Drop the bass with boughs of holly, okay. This year, we found quite a few electronic Christmas remixes that are pretty good—though they’re mostly ‘trap’ for reasons I can not fathom – and we’ve compiled them to create our very own holiday playlist.

Before we take you on a journey through trappy holiday jams, here’s Diplo & Friends ft. Paul Devro‘s preview of their Christmas mix dropping sometime this week to set the mood:

You’ll never be able to listen to these remixed songs at any other time of the year, so sit back with a cup of “Irish” hot coco, and listen to these 12 trap-remixed Christmas songs, one for each day of Christmas!

(Note: I did try looking for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa remixed songs as well, but found nothing up to par, so if any DJ’s are reading this, here’s an audience that you can target in 2015.)

1. DJ Snake – Bird Machine (ft. Alesia) [Jingle Bells Version]

“Bird Machine” is an excellent track to begin with, but a holiday version?! Seriously?! Jingle all the way into my heart.

2. DJ Fire – Twerkith on These Bells

This track keeps it minimal with just the right amount of electronic jingle, and does indeed make a listener feel more inclined to twerkith on those bells.

3. Steviie Wonder x Keanu – Jingle Bells (Trap Remix)

Would Frank Sinatra be pleased with this? I hope so, because this is definitely jingling some bells.

4. JayKode – NUTCRACKA [ThisSongSlaps // Trapstyle Premiere]

If you thought the Nutcracker was just a lame ballet about a girl who gets a doll and then it breaks and she falls asleep and wakes up in the Land of Sweets aka a dentist’s worst nightmare, then you clearly haven’t heard JayKode’s remix, making you want to get the holidays nutcrackinnnn’.

5. Jesse Slayter & Wuki – Rock Them Bells

The intro to this song does not set you up for this jolly jingle, and you’ll definitely want to rock them bells and rock them beats with these Trancer and Dancer and Prancer vibes.

6. Ookay – Rockin’ Around

The drops, like the first one around :50, are what kill me with these holiday remixes. These DJs take such oldie classic Christmas songs and, no matter how much you prepare yourself for a drop, you’ll still always be slightly amused and amazed. You’ll laugh because it’s so stupid, but also so genius.

7. Ookay – Jingle Bills [Christmas Trap Music]

Jingle bills indeed. When it drops, you hear an ever so light ‘gong’ of a bell in the background to give it that holiday spirit, and you’ll consistently hear sleigh bells in the background, truly capturing the essence of Christmas, obviously.

8. Diplo – Frosty Bounce (feat. Angger Dimas & Nicky Da B)

I’m seriously Diplown away by this remix – the original track is a great twerking jam, so this track just adds to Santa’s Twerkshop fantastically. Frosty would be pleased.

9. 4B – Drop it Again (Xmas Version)

Upon first listen, I heard the intro and the drop and kind of questioned where the Christmas part was, but then I heard that synthesized “Deck the Halls” and my Christmas felt a lot more complete.

10. Astronomar – Back to the Beat (Jingle Bells Version)

Missy Elliot? Rhythmic sleigh bells? “Jingle Bells” being blown through a whistle, reminding me of those random people at raves who are having a blast by themselves while mildly directing traffic? Disappointment will not be found here.

11. The Ronettes – Sleigh Ride (TRILL.iam CRIFFMAS Trap Remix)

The Ronettes definitely sleighed with this track, and I’m pretty sure you will not have a silent night if you play this at your holiday party.

12. Frank Sinatra – Mistletoe and Holly (Kaskade Mix)

In all realness, Kaskade has kept this Frank Sinatra up to its classy standards. The subtle additions of the beats and the ambient vibes are perfection. This is like something that can play at a holiday party with old friends from high school, but instead of the normal house party, you guys have upgraded (now that you’re in your mid 20s) to renting out a hipster bar/lounge.

Hopefully you get a good kick out of this holiday playlist! Trappy holidays!


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