For my mom, New Years Eve is just another Wednesday night that she can’t stay up past 10pm. For everyone in our generation, New Years Eve is something magical, where all of your realities go away and in some mystical way, your life changes and you get to start a new dawn, a new day, perhaps even a new life, and you’ll feel good. *Cue big band and Michael Buble.*

So what are we thinking about doing this New Years Eve? A house party with your high school friends? Vegas? Rave? Perhaps a quiet evening at home with your bottle of champagne and two cats? In any case, there is no need to stress out because I’ve got a list of my favorite New Years Music Festivals right here!

1. White Wonderland

Insomniac has yet to let me down with any of its events. The decorations are huge, the themes are over the top, and the experience is magical.

White Wonderland is 21+ and has a strict white-only dress code. (Coming from a girl who wears black 8 days a week, this doesn’t sound appealing to me whatsoever, but the sea of white will look beautiful so I suppose I’ll start shopping for white soon.) Everyone will be wearing white, and you aren’t allowed in if you’re wearing anything but, so fellas, even though white pants may not be a go-to item in your wardrobe, I suggest you get over it and make the white decision.

Tickets went on sale about, a week, ago at noon, and within the first ten minutes, the cheapest GA tickets were sold out. *Cue panicked text messages to the PLURLYFE GroupMe chat.*

After printing the ambiguous “Southern California” on the event flyer for so long, White finally released its venue as the Anaheim Convention Center once again. The lineup was released a few weeks ago, and the rumors of an all trance set have been denied. White will be sharing Laidback Luke and Showtek with Countdown, but has a leg up – rather an Arm up – on the lineup competition. However, it looks like a great time, and you’ll want to dress white and smart for the weather, perhaps getting your Armin a jacket so you don’t have to shiver and say “Buur.”

2. Countdown

Since White Wonderland is 21+, what about those diehard Insomniac Event lovers who are just shy of the legal drinking age? Have no fear! Pasquale’s got your back, my 18+ friends. If you can vote, you can go to Insomniac’s Countdown at the NoS Events Center. I think it’s a pretty good idea because it gives 18+ ravers a place to go legally rather than having them try to sneak in to something 21+ and getting caught. That would be a terrible way to ring in the new year. Yikes.

Countdown’s lineup includes Audien, Bingo Players, DJ Snake, Laidback Luke, Showtek, and Porter Robinson‘s DJ set. It’s a pretty solid lineup in my opinion. You can be positive that you’ll Turn Down For nothing at Countdown, and perhaps you will find someone who is Lionhearted. It’ll be no doubt that everyone will Like To Party with the lineup, and the Audien..ce will be having a great time. (Great. Yes. That was difficult.) 

3. SnowGlobe Music Festival

I was 200% on board looking at the SnowGlobe Music Festival lineup. Finding out it was in Tahoe? Not so much.

SnowGlobe events are always a great time, and the lineup has been officially released, with Flume hosting the countdown on the main stage. However, the event is more like a HARD event, where the artists begin around 2pm and end by 11pm. Obviously, on NYE the artists will let the ball drop, but Flume actually ends at 12:30am, and Justin Jay ends at a solid 1:00am. If you’re looking for an event that starts in the evening and ends a little later than an hour into 2015, SnowGlobe might not be for you. But if you’re looking for 3 days of good music, pack your parkas!


While we’re still talking about NorCal, we have POP in Oakland. Ages 18+, POP has a great lineup as well. Bingo Players are also to be playing here as well as at Countdown. Oh man, it excites me when artists are double booked like that. I only imagine them performing, thanking the audience, running off stage with half a bottle of water in one hand and their phones in the other, and making their way onto a private jet. They only have an hour to regain composure, take a short nap, wipe the sweat off of their foreheads, possibly change their shirts, and then play at another event. What a rush. That’s the life of a DJ.


I’ve never been to Valley View Casino Center, but I’ve heard mixed reviews on the venue. However, I have been to Shrine and it’s a pretty large and in-charge room. Looking at the lineups though, and even though I’m a Lost Angel at heart, the San Diego lineup exceeds Los Angeles’. Aside from the headliners, we have Flosstradamus and Madeon, but then we’ve got Anna Lunoe, Bixel Boys, and What So Not. ON TOP OF THAT, Snakehips, SNBRN, Trippy Turtle, and TWRK?! OMFG San Diego, you’re making my life decisions regarding my New Years Eve plans much more difficult than they should be.

The only con to this (or a pro, depending on what you like) is that it is a three day event, like SnowGlobe. So if you’re looking for a winter-Chella rather than a single wintery night, OMFG may be a better option for you! 

6. Vegas 

Perhaps music festivals and raves aren’t your thing anymore, or perhaps you’ve had a long 2014 and you’re super down to throw money on a suite and a table or five in Vegas. That’s great too, I respect your life decisions, please contact me for VIP guest list or bottle service (just kidding). Bruno Mars is to be hosting with Jermaine Dupri at Tryst, Calvin Harris is playing on NYE at Hakkasan in the MGM, Alesso is playing at Light at Mandalay Bay, and Drake will be at the Marquee in The Cosmopolitan. Personally, Light Nightclub excites me because they have the Cirque de Soleil performers go through the club and then perform on stage and it’s just wonderful and magical.

If you’re planning on Vegas, I suggest you start hitting up those promoters, going to the gym for those #VegasBods, and online shopping for those perfect Vegas dresses that you’ll see three other girls wearing at the club!

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7. Los Angeles

And for those who want to party hard but don’t want to be tempted to lose all your money at the craps table, Create is having a whole week dedicated to New Years Eve! Starting from the day after Christmas, it’s an intense week of fun. Remember folks, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Whether you’re drowning in a glass of champagne with Ryan Seacrest on Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin’ Eve or you’re drowning in a huge crowd of people listening to Armin, start 2015 with a bang!

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