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Years & Years is an indie-electro-pop band from the UK whose songs are easily obsession-worthy. Listen to the tunez we’ve picked below, and tell me you’re not hitting repeat too.

Years & Years consists of lead singer, Olly Alexander, bassist, Mikey Goldsworthy, and synth man Emre Turkmen. They’ve got a quirky group founding story involving two members who met online and one who was discovered while crooning in the shower. Wherever the serendipity occurred that brought the trio together, we’re glad it did, and, apparently, so are tons of other blogs across the Internet that have been eagerly sharing their music. The following tunez have already amassed thousands of plays on Hype Machine and SoundCloud. We’ll be growing that number significantly in the office, as I assume you will after pressing play.

“Take Shelter” (2014)

“Take Shelter” is an EP that Years & Years released through Polydor Records in August 2014 that quickly jumped to #1 on the iTunes (UK) Singles Electronic Chart. It’s a song about longing with lingering, on-and-off repetitive beats to match the cool urgency in Olly’s voice.


“Desire” has a faster tempo and is, overall, a little lighter than “Take Shelter.” It does a great job of layering different sounds on top of each other, each adding a new and intentional effect while maintaining the simplicity of the rhythm.

“Breathe (Blu Cantrell cover)”

It took about three seconds for this “Breathe” cover to give me chills. Olly Alexander’s voice is sultry, teasing, and easy to get lost in. Listening to this song makes me want to retreat to a smoky corner of my favorite low-key venue in LA and get my groove on with some light rhythmic swaying and head-bobbing. Sorry Blu, Sean, “Breathe” was an early 2000’s R&B classic, but this new school cover really does it for me.

The “Tixr Tunez” series highlights songs we play at Tixr HQ in Santa Monica, CA. New music posted weekly! 

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